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  • To carry a handgun in Indiana, you need a license. Illegal possession of a long gun is a class D felony with a two-year mandatory minimum prison term (CGS 53a-217(b)). CHEYENNE — Muzzleloading guns are legally firearms.

  • iStock: deyanarobova. by Clark Kauffman. The Iowa Supreme Court on Thursday made it harder for landowners to sue for damages caused by large-scale animal confinements, saying it “wrongly decided” a 2004 case on Iowa’s right-to-farm law. In a 4-3 decision, the court concluded that its 2004 ruling on such matters, though reaffirmed in 2018.

  • The process to select three new Iowa Supreme Court justices took a major step forward this week with the completion of 60 applicant interviews, which was completed by noon on Thursday.

  • Although neither party appealed, we ordered the parties to file briefs addressing all counts. Zenor contends we are without authority to review the one count that the Commission dismissed. We rejected a similar contention in Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board v. Howe, 706 N.W.2d 360, 367 (Iowa 2005).

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The Iowa Supreme Court on Tuesday quickly granted a stay on a ruling from a previous day, leaving officials and voters confused about a blizzard of decisions about the validity of absentee ballot. The Justices of the Iowa Supreme Court, former colleagues, and friends are remembering Iowa Supreme Court Justice Jerry L. Larson, of Harlan, as a dedicated public servant whose long career combined a profound respect for the rule of law, ... YouTube; RSS; P.O. Box 389, Atlantic, IA 50022 1-800-283-KJAN, (712) 243-3920. Listen at YouTube. The Theme for The Obergon Chronicles. Listen at YouTube. The Obergon Chronicles ebook.

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www.NationForMarriage.comNOM: Liberal Iowa Supreme Court Judges: David A. Baker, Michael J. Streit, Marsha TernusActivist Judges on Iowa's Supreme Court have. AFTER the Supreme Court walked itself into a political storm with its interpretation of Article 63-A and later its... Post-rain clean-up. AS the nation reels in the aftermath of a heavy monsoon spell, a number of key areas need the authorities'. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF IOWA No. 21–1799 Submitted April 20, 2022—Filed May 13, 2022 IOWA SUPREME COURT ATTORNEY DISCIPLINARY BOARD, Appellee, vs. ANDREW GATTON AEILTS, Appellant. In an a six. Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds praised the state Supreme Court decision ending Iowa's state constitutional right to abortion. "Today's ruling is a significant victory in our fight to.

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IN THE SUPREME COURT OF IOWA No. 21–1799 Submitted April 20, 2022—Filed May 13, 2022 IOWA SUPREME COURT ATTORNEY DISCIPLINARY BOARD, Appellee, vs. ANDREW GATTON AEILTS, Appellant. In an a six. David May, an Iowa Court of Appeals judge from Polk City and a finalist for an Iowa Supreme Court vacancy in 2020. William Miller, a lawyer with Dorsey & Whitney in Des Moines and a previous. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland successfully sued, arguing the law was unconstitutional under a 2018 Iowa Supreme Court decision that. The Iowa Supreme Court reduced damages from $11 million to almost $3 million in a libel suit against an Iowan who made accusations against his former employer. A lack of sufficient evidence of lost profits by the employer and today’s social media climate played roles in the court’s reasoning. After being fired for alleged workplace. The Supreme Court had been asked to reverse a pair of 3-2 decisions by the Iowa Court of Appeals that found the plaintiffs lacked standing to challenge the lawmakers' actions in the 2019 session. In a 4-3 decision last month, the Iowa Supreme Court overturned a 2004 precedent that had allowed landowners to sue neighboring farming operations that were a nuisance, as long as the plaintiff could meet certain criteria. The new decision backtracks from what was an important protection for Iowa citizens. Landowners were at least afforded a.

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